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St. Louis Woman Awarded $1.1 Million in Sexual Harassment Trial

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A woman in St. Louis accused her boss of sexual harassment and a jury awarded her $1.1 Million last week. The woman claimed her boss made mulitple sexual advances and finally fired her for resisting. The woman worked for James Neuman’s company from December 2004 to April 2005.

She and her attorney, Eli Karsh, claimed that Neuman made repeated sexual advances that she resisted, threw her onto a bed on a trip to Chicago, made frequent sexual innuendoes in her presence, often commented about her anatomy and finally fired her.

She told the jury that as a result she had been unable to have a relationship with a man and suffered depression and anxiety attacks but lacked funds for treatment.

Neuman denied all of the allegations. He claims that the woman was fired because of unsatifactory job perfomance. His attorneys plan to appeal the decision.